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Bavet Moc Bai Casino

Bavet City, Svay Rieng Province, Cambodia
Bavet Moc Bai Casino is one of Cambodia’s most well-established casinos, operating for over two decades in the Cambodian casino town of Bavet, a stone’s throw from the border with Vietnam. It sits in a complex of casinos and buildings commonly referred to as ‘Moc Bai’, which contains numerous online gambling operations and until recently housed thousands of online workers. The area and the casino itself have been linked to a host of sensational news reports, and the casino works with several major online gambling operators. It is owned by a Chinese-born casino mogul who built his gambling empire in Myanmar in the 1990s before expanding to Laos and Cambodia. He has been linked to several court cases in China related to illegal cross-border and online gambling operations.


Preah Sihanouk Province, Cambodia
Located in the area of Otres often referred to as ‘Chinatown’, the Jinshui complex is implicated in dozens of media reports detailing online scams and gambling operations, with former workers reporting conditions of bonded labour, suicides, and violence. The wider Chinatown area has become synonymous with violent crime. The complex is linked to a well-connected Chinese businessman with extensive business interests in Yunnan, China. Despite the compound becoming one of the most notorious bases for online gambling and scam operations in the city, it was able to operate without interference from the police or local authorities for several years. In September 2022, with a crackdown on online compounds commencing, the zone cleared out within 24 hours.

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